The Swiss Sarcoidosis Association (SSARV-AScS) was founded on July 8th 1999 in Rheinfelden (Aargau). It is primarily destined for people with sarcoidosis but also for their families. Currently we have about 150 members from all over Switzerland.

The aims of the association are to inform about sarcoidosis and disorders perceived by people with this disease, as well as to create, promote and support self-help groups throughout Switzerland. We provide an information platform and promote research for this disease.

Committee members are all volunteers. Members are committed to:

  • Promote this rare disease
  • Inform, provide and facilitate the exchange of the persons affected by this disease among people
  • Support self-help groups throughout Switzerland
  • Maintain contact with doctors
  • Encourage medical research

Science needs to move forward to understand the causes of the disease, improve treatment, and avoid complications.

Our goals

The promotion of local self-help groups is an important goal to allow the exchange of information and experiences between patients suffering from sarcoidosis and also their relatives.

In presentations or conferences, the multiple faces of sarcoidosis are developed. The association informs about the current state of the research on the disease, on its not yet well-known origin and treatments.

The website is the platform for exchange between patients and relatives with doctors, health organisations and the public regarding the diagnosis and treatment of sarcoidosis.

Our goals 2018-2019

  • Intensify cooperation with the Lung League, University Hospitals and other Health Organisations
  • Fatigue Research 2017-2019